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Payroll Reporting

Payroll Reporting With Excel or Google Sheets

Helping HR Managers

Collect, calculate and report payroll relevant data. Manage access, track and review changes, collaborate and communicate on top of your Excel files or Google Sheets.

The Challenges of Using Spreadsheets
 for Payroll Reporting

Reporting on payroll involves a lot of sensitive data that can't be shared with others. Spreadsheets are not prepared to guarantee each manager can only see what they should. Therefore HR teams usually tend to move away from spreadsheets for more expensive alternatives. Layer allows you to report on payroll using spreadsheets while ensuring data privacy when required.

Without layer

Keeping data privacy is not easy.

To provide relevant comprehensive payroll information to different stakeholders without exposing confidential data is not something easy to achieve without tedious carve-out creation processes.

With layer

No need to create individual spreadsheets as shared data is kept private to each recipient.

Only share specific sheets, or even cell ranges, with different managers and stakeholders to receive input, share insights without exposing sensitive data, and prevent unwanted edits.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level
Without layer

Creating and consolidating carve-outs is time-consuming.

When input is needed from or a report needs to be shared with different business units, separate input/reporting spreadsheet carve-outs and templates are created, resulting in a lot of manual copy-pasting.

With layer

Keep a single up-to-date spreadsheet for all of your payroll reporting tasks.

Forget carve-outs. Use a single spreadsheet for your data collection and reporting processes

Manage Access Down To Cell Level
Without layer

Regular payroll updates is a cumbersome process.

Sharing regular payroll data updates requires a lot of back-and-forth emails, causing confusion and data possibly being lost in the process.

With layer

Skip sending manual emails

Keep all your conversations related to your spreadsheet where they make sense, in context within your workbook. Start assigning tasks, provide instructions, feedback, or extra clarity to your stakeholders without leaving your spreadsheet.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level

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Layer acts as a gatekeeper, keeping your data secure while extending collaboration features in both Excel and Google Sheets


Manage Access

Work across filetypes and manage the access to your spreadsheets down to the cell level.


Review & Track

Spot changes quickly. Accept or reject them, keep previous file versions and restore them if needed.



Define, assign & monitor tasks. Keep discussions, actionable feedback, or context all in one place.

Layer saves our team time by easily splitting large amounts of spreadsheet data, sending them to their respective owners for input, and reassembling them in one place—all clearly and comprehensively.

Other Ways to use Layer

Keep Excel and GSheets. Explore the endless ways you can improve how HR collaboration happens with the help of spreadsheets.

Get Started With a Free Pre-Built Headcount and Workforce Planning Template

Manage and keep a detailed overview of your workforce data, calculate salaries, and forecast future changes to help your business run smoothly.

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Turn your HR spreadsheets into team players

Stop working in silos and relying on manual and repetitive menial tasks.
Layer has everything your team needs to streamline your communication flows and collaborate more efficiently on Excel and Google Sheets.