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Forecasting With Excel or Google Sheets

Helping Finance Teams

Leverage the best available knowledge in your team and turn your forecasting into a collaborative exercise. Manage access, track and review changes, collaborate and communicate on top of your existing spreadsheets.

The Challenges of Preparing Your
  Financial Forecasts on Spreadsheets

Creating a financial forecast involves projecting previously collected financial data into the future. You shouldn't need to source such data in a different file from the one where your forecast analysis will live. Layer helps you keep the source and report data on the same file in just a few clicks.

Without layer

Sensitive data is often exchanged via unsecured email.

The data needed for a forecasting exercise is regularly gathered from different teams via multiple channels. This lack of control over both medium and channel can lead to internal or external data breaches compromising business integrity.

With layer

No more manual email sending.

Layer offers a closed system without the need to send around email attachments. All communication related to your spreadsheet happens in context inside your spreadsheet.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level
Without layer

Chasing for input is tedious and time consuming

When you submit information through multiple channels, it becomes increasingly hard to control, and work progress transparency is painful, especially when you have a formal deadline.

With layer

No more fighting to get contributions

Set reminders for contribution requests and let Layer remind stakeholders for you. Layer gives you full transparency on your processes.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level
Without layer

Reviewing submissions is not a scalable process.

Reviewing data submissions takes a lot of time as it's often buried in endless email threads, making it a non-scalable process.

With layer

Merge contributions automatically

Easily review the contribution and decide if you want to accept it or not. If you do, the data feeds directly into the master model. No more copy-pasting!

Manage Access Down To Cell Level

Explore all the Tools on the Layer Toolbox

Layer acts as a gatekeeper, keeping your data secure while extending collaboration features in both Excel and Google Sheets


Manage Access

Work across filetypes and manage the access to your spreadsheets down to the cell level.


Review & Track

Spot changes quickly. Accept or reject them, keep previous file versions and restore them if needed.



Define, assign & monitor tasks. Keep discussions, actionable feedback, or context all in one place.

Layer changed collaboration projects in Excel from a dreadful, error-prone task into projects, which run themselves and thereby leaves more time for indulging in data analysis.

Frederic Röper SoSafe

Frederic Röper

Head of Finance

Other Ways to use Layer

Keep Excel and GSheets. Explore other ways Finance teams can make better use of spreadsheets for collaborative processes.

Get started with a ready-made SaaS Forecasting template

Four-year financial model template for Excel or Google Sheets for SaaS. The model in this template uses inputs such as future growth rate, churn rates, average revenues, CAC, contract and billing cycles, and builds out a full set of SaaS metrics, including revenues and deferred revenue recognition, MRR and LTV.

Try this Template
Manage Access Down To Cell Level

Turn your Forecasting spreadsheets into team players

Stop working in silos and relying on manual and repetitive menial tasks.
Layer has everything your team needs to streamline your communication flows and collaborate more efficiently on Excel and Google Sheets.