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Budgeting & Financial Planning With Excel or Google Sheets

Helping Finance Teams

Turn budgeting files into multiplayer products. Manage access, track and review changes, collaborate and communicate on top of your Excel files or Google Sheets.

The challenges of using spreadsheets
  to prepare your Budgets

Spreadsheets offer limited possibilities for collaborating in the Budgeting process. Layer prevents you from needing to migrate your Budgeting & Financial Planning processes to a new platform.

Without layer

Your budgeting files have super sensitive data and cannot be shared with everyone.

At the same time, you need input from different teams or departments.

Consequently, you need to use email, Slack or separate templates to collect the relevant data.

With layer

No more lengthy Slack or email threads with back-and-forth attachments.

Manage the access to individual tabs or ranges of your budgeting file and request input from particular recipients.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level
Without layer

Reviewing input for the budget takes a lot of time and is prone to error.

Each data contributor or stakeholder sends their input or feedback differently.

Integrating it into your spreadsheet can quickly produce copy-paste errors that, oftentimes, are only identified when it is too late.

With layer

Turn data consolidation into a 2-click process.

Get notified, track and quickly review any feedback or input, and decide which parts to accept.

Layer will then automatically merge the updated data into your master file. No more copy-pasting!

Manage Access Down To Cell Level
Without layer

Project management is a hard-to-accomplish process.

Monitoring deadlines and work progress is hectic and tedious, especially when relying on inputs from multiple different stakeholders.

With layer

No need to chase your colleagues for data.

Set deadlines for input requests, and Layer will automatically notify and remind them when needed.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level

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Layer acts as a gatekeeper, keeping your data secure while extending collaboration features in both Excel and Google Sheets


Manage Access

Work across filetypes and manage the access to your spreadsheets down to the cell level.


Review & Track

Spot changes quickly. Accept or reject them, keep previous file versions and restore them if needed.



Define, assign & monitor tasks. Keep discussions, actionable feedback, or context all in one place.

Layer saves us the hassle of chasing people for data input and manually copying and pasting the data between different spreadsheets by streamlining the workflows and merging contributions, all in one place.

Pierina Jimenez DrSmile

Pierina Jiménez

Finance Controller Manager

Other Ways to use Layer

Keep Excel and GSheets. Explore other ways Finance teams can make better use of spreadsheets for collaborative processes.

Get started with a free pre-built Business Case template

Present your business plan to stakeholders and investors through a detailed yet simple document that showcases your plan, how it will benefit the company, and whether it's possible or not.

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Business Case Template

Turn your Budgeting spreadsheets into team players

Stop working in silos and relying on manual and repetitive menial tasks.
Layer has everything your team needs to streamline your communication flows and collaborate more efficiently on Excel and Google Sheets.