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01. Financial Planning

Tina is a CFO. She updates her company's financial plan for the next quarter. She collects input from 10 different stakeholders and integrates this input into the master model.
HR List and

hiring plan
Latest data
from sales pipeline
Update on
marketing budget
Assumptions on the
development of
operational costs

Financial Planning With Spreadsheets

Financial planning is a recurring process that takes place on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis in most companies. The result of this planning process is a profit and loss statement for the next period and often beyond. Since the financial plan is a reflection of the entire organization, it requires input from different departments, business units, or even countries. Managing this process and integrating the input into the master file is a tedious process. It is time consuming and prone to error.

Current Problems
The Layer Way
Too many emails sent back and forth, neverending process

Manage file versions and communication online

You can share access and request contributions to your spreadsheets on Layer without sending a single email yourself

Reviewing takes time and people make mistakes

Limit Input Ranges

Your colleagues will see and will be able to modify only the ranges you specify

Copy pasting from templates into the master file results in errors

Visual Merging With A Few Clicks

You can review contributions by your colleagues, and you can choose if you want to accept their input or not. Accepted data feeds directly into your master model.

Contributors need to be chased to submit on time

Keep Deadlines

Contributors get automatic reminders, and you get full transparency on the process to make sure your financial plan is finalized on time.

02. Budgeting

Sarah is the VP Finance of a mid-cap corporation and is leading the yearly budgeting process, rolling up several divisional budgets in a group budget.
Group Budget.xlsx
Business Unit A Budget.xlsx
Business Unit B Budget.xlsx
Business Unit C Budget.xlsx
Department X Budget.xlsx

Budgeting with spreadsheets

There are many steps in the budgeting process and iterations that lead to a final yearly budget. The financial goals of the management need to be aligned with and supported by the individual divisional budgets. The underlying assumptions are prepared and send by the division heads and consolidated with the group budget after several spreadsheet based iterations. This process can easily lead to numerous versions of files being sent back and forth.

Current Problems
The Layer Way
A lot of time spend on manual process handling

Automate manual processes

Layer liberates you from verifying data manually or chasing down colleagues.

Loss of control over many different file versions

Be on top of file versions

Easily go back in time and restore files versions, track changes and revision history.

A contributor breaks the template

No more broken cell references

Since Layer stores file and cell references, contributors cannot break templates anymore.

03. Reporting

William is the fund controller of a large asset management firm and needs to collect and consolidate a KPI reporting from 31 portfolio companies every month.
Monthly KPI Reporting
  • File Icon Company A
  • File Icon Company B
  • File Icon Company C
  • File Icon Company D
File IconPortfolio-Reporting.xlsx

Reporting with spreadsheets

Most Asset Managers collect, aggregate and analyze portfolio company financials and KPIs via the exchange of spreadsheets. Fund controllers are often faced with collecting a variety of different files and formats, increasing the time spent on collection and consolidation.

Current Problems
The Layer Way
Sensitive data is exchanged via unsecured email

No more email sending

Layer offers a closed system without the need to send around email attachments.

Keeping control and transparency of work progress is painful

No more fighting to get contributions

Set reminders for contribution requests and let Layer remind stakeholders for you. Layer gives you full transparency on your processes.

Reviewing data submissions takes a lot of time

Merge contributions automatically

Easily review the contribution and decide if you want to accept it or not. If you do, the data feeds directly into the master model. No more copy pasting!

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