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Using Vena but Still Run Processes on Google Sheets?

Layer is an add-on that equips teams with the tools to
increase efficiency and data quality in their processes on top of Google Sheets.

Share parts of your Google Sheets, monitor, review and approve changes,
and sync data from different sources – all within seconds.

How It Works - Layer

All Your Data.
  A Single Source of Truth.

Share & Collaborate

Share & Collaborate

Centralize your financial data collection and validation with granular sharing, giving you more control over your data.

Automate & Schedule

Automate & Schedule

Schedule recurring data consolidation and distribution tasks, giving you more time to focus on what matters—driving growth.

Integrate & Sync

Integrate & Sync

Sync all your scattered numbers in one place by connecting to your tech stack, giving you a holistic view of your data.

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About Vena Solutions

Experience the Power of
 Complete Planning

Vena is a cloud-based software platform that helps businesses manage their financial data. Vena's primary focus is on giving users visibility into their financial performance, helping them make better-informed decisions about their business. Vena Complete Planning combines what you love about Excel with the power of the Vena Growth Engine to drive agile, business-wide planning, resilience, and growth.

Vena also offers a range of other features, such as budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Using Vena, you can consolidate all of your financial data into a single platform, giving you a clear picture of your performance.

It also continually adds new features and functionality to help businesses manage their finances.

Using Vena, You Can—

Unify Your Data in One Place

Vena's Central Database allows you to find the data you need, when you need it and from anywhere. Create budgets and forecasts, perform scenario analysis and build dashboards with timely data.

Vena's central database integrates and consolidates data from all your source systems so that everyone in your organization can see the complete picture when planning.

Share Reports and Dashboards

Tell the story behind your numbers and take your dashboards further with Vena—The only native Excel complete planning platform built for Microsoft 365 with Power BI embedded.

Create your board presentation, monthly financials, and budget reports and have time to spare to experience stress-free reporting.

Make Enterprise Planning a Team Effort

Vena connects people, departments, processes and systems to make sure every piece of your business is working in tandem to fuel your growth journey.

With Power BI embedded, ad-hoc report building and intuitive drill-down functions, Vena makes it easy for all of your stakeholders to tell the story behind your numbers.

Not a Vena User? Still Browsing?

Layer works on top of your existing Google Sheets

No new licenses, learning curve, or heavy implementation.