Let Your Work Flow

Easily build any workflow: share, collect and consolidate
data like a breeze.

Share Any Part
Of Your Spreadsheet
Collect Data From
Control And

Anatomy Of A Flow

Every process you create has to do with data. Be it distribution or consolidation, data is the core.


Give Granular Access

Layer gives you full control over what you share and to whom. Down to each cell.


Request Data From Colleagues

Layer will send reminders automatically, and will help you set up regular data collection.

Gather Data With Ease

  • Have full visibility on what was submitted and when
  • Avoid email nightmare by communicating via comments related directly to submitted data
  • Track user performance with read receipts
  • Tina saw your notification 3 hours ago
  • Tina opened your shared file 3 hours ago

Live Preview At Your Fingertips

Save a lot of time by selecting what you share directly in your spreadsheet. And don't worry about references outside the selection — Layer takes care of them

Restore Any Version

Layer keeps history of every change in your spreadsheet. Easily download or restore.

Share In Any Format

Regardless of your original file, you can always share in both Excel and GSheets. Very helpful, if not everybody has Excel licences.


Coming Soon

Collaborators get access to own dashboard where they see their TODOs, requests etc.

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