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Integrate Salesforce
 With Google Sheets

Connecting Salesforce to Layer lets you sync your marketing and sales data with your Google Sheets, ensuring your CRM data is always up-to-date.

Salesforce Layer Integration

Sync Your Latest CRM Data

Streamline your CRM activities by pulling new leads and opportunities from Salesforce into your spreadsheets and models, enriched with real-time data.

HubSpot Layer Integration - Import Data

Automate Your Processes on Top of Google Sheets!

About Salesforce

Bringing Companies and Customers Together

Salesforce is the leading CRM platform. It enables companies to manage their customer data, sales, and marketing processes in a single system. Salesforce provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing customer relationships, from lead capture and management to opportunity tracking and pipeline management.

In addition to its CRM functionality, Salesforce also provides a wide range of other applications that can help your business grow and scale, including marketing automation, e-commerce, and project management. It also offers powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to track your progress and performance against your goals.

Using Salesforce, You Can—

Generate Leads

Capture leads and manage customer data.

Manage Opportunities

Track opportunities, projects, and tasks.

Monitor Performance

Automate processes and generate reports and analytics.

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Layer works on top of your existing Google Sheets

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