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Integrate Personio
 With Google Sheets

Connecting Personio to Layer allows you to streamline your HR activities and sync your latest employee data with your Google Sheets.

Personio Layer Integration

Pull Your Workforce Data

Sync your spreadsheets and models with your personnel data, including salaries, time tracking, and more, so you never have to update it manually ever again!

Personio Layer Integration - Import Data

Automate Your Processes on Top of Google Sheets!

About Personio

The People Operating System

Personio is an applicant tracking system designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with their hiring needs. It is an ideal solution for companies looking to streamline their HR processes and improve their recruiting efforts.

Personio offers various tools that make recruiting, onboarding, and managing employee data easier for HR teams. Its applicant tracking system includes a variety of features that make it easy to post job openings, track applicants, and manage employee data.

Using Personio, You Can—

Acquire Talent

Post job openings and track applicants.

Manage Employees

Onboard employees and manage their data.

Streamline HR Processes

Automate payroll, time tracking, performance reporting, and more.

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Layer works on top of your existing Google Sheets

No new licenses, learning curve, or heavy implementation.