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Review and Track Changes in Your Spreadsheet

Keep your spreadsheets error-free.
Layer tracks all changes and communication, so you don't have to.

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Spot Changes Easily

Stay on top of all edits to your spreadsheets. Layer offers intuitive highlighting and color coding for updated cells, version history, cell history, and more.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level

Keep Control of File Versions

Layer keeps a history of every change in your spreadsheet. Easily go back in time and compare changes, then restore older file versions if needed.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level

No More Copy-Pasting

Maintain full transparency and control over your spreadsheets. Focus on reviewing the input and let Layer consolidate it into your main file.

Act as gatekeeper to your spreadsheet by accepting or rejecting changes when input is submitted.

Manage Access Down To Cell Level

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Layer acts as a gatekeeper, keeping your data secure while extending collaboration features in both Excel and Google Sheets


Manage Access

Work across filetypes and manage the access to your spreadsheets down to the cell level.



Define, assign & monitor tasks. Keep discussions, actionable feedback, or context all in one place.

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Frederic Röper SoSafe

Frederic Röper

Head of Finance

Layer changed collaboration projects in Excel from a dreadful, error-prone task into projects, which run themselves and thereby leaves more time for indulging in data analysis.