Ahoy! Want to change how millions of people work with spreadsheets?

We are reinventing teamwork for spreadsheets by introducing a productivity layer on top of Excel and Google Sheets.

In short, we are building GitHub For Spreadsheets.

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our culture

Our journey of building an open culture

For us, the foundation of an evolving culture is based on openness, diversity, and the ability to adapt. We think that embracing our differences is an important ingredient for productivity, quality and growth. Our people are our most important asset. We treat each other with respect.

We believe company culture should follow the same principles as open-source culture. Therefore, we have decided to make most of our internal documentation public to everyone.

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product engineering at layer

Let’s build next-gen tech

In our product engineering teams, everybody works side-by-side with the common goal of creating great and highly valuable products.

Product and tech mean the same thing for us — we follow DDD principles, we use event storming and event modelling along with design thinking and agile UX process to concept and specify epics.

Our tech stack is built on a variety of technologies from the latest hot-stuff to very proven things, including Kotlin, TypeScript, Axon Framework, Spring Boot, Angular 9, GraphQL, Postgres, RxJs, NGXS, Aspose, GrapeCity Documents, Google PubSub, Google BigTable, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Docker and tools like Github, Intellij IDEA, Sentry and Google Data Studio.

working at layer

What are your benefits?

Honestly, we are tired of the standard benefits companies offer nowadays. Off course we have free drinks, fresh fruits, team lunches, frequent team events, education budget, 30 days of holidays... you name it!

But more importantly what are the benefits you would like to have? We believe in strong autonomy and ownership of everybody working at Layer.

That means no ABC catalog of benefits. Everyone is different, with different needs and interests.

🚲 Want to lease a bike to get to work or go free on public transport?
🚗 Want extra holidays to visit the family abroad?
🌴 Work from a warm place in the winter?
🏋 Want to have a yoga or gym subscription?
🖥️ Love standing desks?
👩‍🏫 You love going to conferences, contribute to open-source?

With every member of our team we are defining individual benefits.

YOUR benefits - not company benefits.

current team

Meet The Faces


Our Extended Team

Backed by leading investors and Finance veterans, we are on a global mission to supercharge spreadsheets with state of the art technology and design.

MaxIndex Ventures
AjayCFO Dropbox
MaxCFO N26
MattCEO Nested
CarlosCOO Gocardless
PhilippCOO Pitch
FelixCEO McMakler
FrankCFO Raisin
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