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Scale Your FP&A on Top of Google Sheets

Keep your financial models and automate your data collection, distribution, and reporting.

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Automate your financial data collection and validation through user controls and data reviews to ensure trusted access, increased transparency, and confidence in your data.


Eliminate repetitive work by scheduling recurring data collection and distribution tasks, giving you more time to focus on what matters—understanding your business and driving growth.


Centralize and sync all your numbers and metrics in one place by connecting to your tech stack, giving you a timely, holistic view of your data.


Generate and share reports and dashboards with real-time data from your sheets, turning your financial and operational data into meaningful insights and giving you and your team a deeper understanding of your business.


Automate the data. Focus on what matters!

Save time wasted on data collection and tedious tasks.

Eliminate costly spreadsheet errors.

Increase transparency and control over your files and data.

Increase accountability and alignment for stakeholders.

Equip your Google Sheets with the tools to accelerate FP&A!

Using Layer as a core platform for sharing data and collaboration helped make our reporting workflows 10x faster. We get some of the same processes done in a tenth of the time.

Elliot Comite Ironclad

Elliot Comite

Finance Lead

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Layer works on top of your existing Google Sheets—No new licenses, learning curve, or heavy implementation.