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Keep Excel. Keep Google Sheets.
Layer adds collaboration and workflow features on top.

Granular Access

Share only parts of your file - from
cell ranges to entire tabs



Let Layer take care of all recurring


Track Changes

All changes are highlighted so you
don’t have to look for them.



A complete history of changes,
spreadsheet versions and communication

Working together on a spreadsheet is often frustrating

Excel and Google Sheets are extremely fragile and prone to error while collaboration usually involves a lot of manual and repetitive work.
  • Important Files Break

    Important files break all the time - often unnoticed and decisions are made on wrong data.

  • Countless Hours Wasted

    Countless hours are wasted on dull and repetitive tasks by highly paid employees.

  • Mental Capacity Lost

    Workflows need to be monitored manually, absorbing valuable mental capacity.

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Excel or
Google Sheets
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Excel or Google Sheet
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All In One Place

Steer and orchestrate all spreadsheet workflows and collaboration in one dashboard. See what’s done, who’s overdue and what change requests still have to be reviewed.
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Optimise Business Processes


How our Customers use Layer

Running our data collection on Layer, enables traceable, secure collaboration across teams - it has pushed quantitative analysis to a new level.

Benedikt Manigold, CFO, McMakler

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