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Reinventing Teamwork for Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are fragile, unconnected, and not made for collaboration. Layer works with your existing Excel and Google Sheets adding collaborative functionality on top.

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Manage Access

Work across filetypes and manage the access to your spreadsheets down to the cell level.



Define, assign & monitor tasks. Keep discussions, actionable feedback, or context all in one place.


Review & Track

Spot changes quickly. Accept or reject them, keep previous file versions and restore them if needed.

Layer is a web app That Works on top of Your Existing Excel Files and Google Sheets.

Share parts of your spreadsheet, collect and consolidate data, and review changes to make collaboration seamless and more efficient while keeping full control over your data.

Save Hours of Dull Work

Managing and maintaining spreadsheets is very time-consuming and often consists of nothing but dull data operations.

Focus on what matters while Layer takes care of distributing and consolidating your data in Excel and Google Sheets. No more copy-pasting.

Keep Your Files Error Free

Spreadsheets are fragile. Errors slip in easily and are hard to detect. On top of that, they can be very costly.

Layer gives you full control and transparency over every single input and change so you can spot errors early on.

Involve Your Colleagues

Most companies store some of their most essential data in spreadsheets. Unfortunately, most of those are unconnected data silos.

With Layer, you can share the data with the relevant people in no time. Collaborate with your team and take alignment to a new level.

Get Started in Minutes

Layer works on top of your existing Excel files and Google Sheets—No new licenses, learning curve, or heavy implementation.

It's extremely easy to get started with an intuitive interface. Simply upload or connect your files and start sharing!

Save Hours of Dull Work Layer Benefits

Spreadsheets are dead. Long live spreadsheets!

Spreadsheets still lack social skills. Everyone uses them and wishes they could do more.

A lot of time is wasted in manual tasks.

Sensitive data becomes easily exposed.

Errors slip in easily and are hard to detect. On top of that, they can be very costly.

Ways to use Layer

Keep Excel and GSheets. Explore the endless ways you can improve how collaboration is done using spreadsheets.

Using Layer as a core platform for sharing data and collaboration helped make our reporting workflows 10x faster. We get some of the same processes done in a tenth of the time.

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Turn Your Spreadsheets Into Multiplayer Products

Everything your team needs to streamline your communication flows and collaborate more efficiently on Excel and Google Sheets.