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Keep Excel. Keep Google Sheets. Layer is a cloud application that adds granular access control, process transparency, sophisticated data consolidation, and much more.
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Layer takes away the overhead so that you can focus on what’s important

  • Increase Transparency

    Centrally define & track processes and ensure data consistency in your organization.

  • Free Up Mental Capacity

    Reduce the time spent on manual tasks and focus on what’s important.

  • Reduce Data Errors

    Avoid costly mistakes as a result of copy-paste errors or outdated data.

Data Error Reduction
Process Control
Data Safety
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Increase Control

Preview For Data Merging

Make sure your spreadsheet is error-free by controlling what exactly gets changed by every contribution. Think GitHub For Spreadsheets.

What You Can Do
  • See every change made
  • See every affected cell everywhere in your spreadsheet
  • Select what changes you want to merge
  • Easily request corrections
  • Make edits yourself before you merge

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Insights And Analytics At Your Fingertips

On the roadmap

Layer informs you of suspicious data anomalies, gives you collaborator and data performance analytics, helps you keep your spreadsheet up-to-date and error-free.

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