Share And Merge
Of Your Spreadsheets

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Excel and Google Sheets Works with Microsoft Excel
and Google Sheets
Contribution from John Today 10:05
Shared with Eve Yesterday 12:00
CFO shares a part of a spreadsheet

Share Any Part Of Your

Share spreadsheets on file, tab and cell level
No more local copies and manual email sending
Keep control over shared data, for internal and external audiences
Contributor fills in data into the part shared to them

Collect Data From

Ask team members to contribute to your file
Automate regular reporting and planning processes for teams and departments
Save time – Layer takes care of due dates and reminders
CFO receives the filled in part from contributor, and merges it into the spreadsheet

Control And Consolidate

Accept and reject contributions by your team members
Visually review contributions and compare file versions before consolidating
Did you ever want to go back in time? We store the file versions for you
Selected Use Cases

Whenever You Share
And Collect Spreadsheet Data

Business Case

Set up and track the progress of the monthly process for your business case update. Collect input from HR, Accounting, Units/Divisions or Countries automatically.

Financial Planning

Set up the financial planning process incl. all contributors. Easily review and manage data submissions and track the status of the process to deliver on time.


Collect all relevant input from key stakeholders (e.g., Marketing, Sales, HR) and automatically update your integrated reports without sharing access to it.

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